Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day Two

So, I have completed my second day of graduate school, and I am not entirely sure where all of this is going. My first class yesterday was with TeachPaperless discussing the Paperless Classroom and everything that I ever thought was normal and good about my education and school and classes and college and everything else seemed to be turned somewhere between upside down and into another dimension. The thing that hit me the most was the concept of fully realizing that we are a part of a digital culture now, that the teaching model currently used is that of the twentieth century, the TV box, and that we should embrace digital culture to explore and have a completely interactive relationship with the rest of the world. I have embraced Facebook just like all other college students, and remained skeptical of Twitter, until yesterday. I now have a Twitter also of the same name and decided that the best way to reflect and explore and record this entire process and my development as a teacher it to further embrace this digital world and write a blog, just like everyone else. At least maybe I will actually write all of these things down, because I feel I am more likely to type tham than to write them down. Maybe that is a sign.

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