Friday, August 19, 2011

Affirmations from Last Class

I hope that no one will be terribly offended or upset that I have posted this. It is my notes from our last class on Content Reading with Ms. Phyllis Lerner. I think that it is really important for teachers and students to remember that we are ultimately always learning together and it is not a one way street. Phyllis asked us to name one thing that we were able to take away from this course. My list is just so that we can not only always remember these things ourselves as a group, but so that we can be reminded how important and meaningful the opportunity to affirm those who have impacted our lives truly is.

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Phyllis - the thinking map template, made me realize how again how a model can improve the quality of work
Robyn - How you can engage the students and how you modeled behaviors of good teachers for us
Mark - Taught us to remember that this is the only profession where everyone has had the experience of watching some else do the same job everyday for twelve years and that the way they saw it done is not necessarily the correct way to do it
Jake - Let students teach themselves because they learn more that way, you as a teacher can just observe
Steve - Don't spend more time preparing than it will take time to teach, you'll have nothing else in your life and your students will see that, it's not good for your health or theirs
Phyllis - find something that fuels you
Lydia - relax it's not that serious
Kevin - How you taught the class was good to see how engaging a class can be
Theresa - Even on hard days, when I had maybe only four hours of sleep, I never really had to struggle to pay attention
Liz - How positive affirmations go so far, even though I'm 24, it shows me how much they can impact a high school student
Jackie - Don't overplan but plan well. Set policies and procedures so that the students know what to do, teach the strategy before you do the strategy.
Isa - How you would break down the lesson plan into a handout for us. It made me feel that we've covered things and so I know what we did in class. It is organized and visual.
Margaret - I've been trying to compare and understand the distinction between an instructor and a leader, today you showed be that the analogy in teaching is the distinction between a teacher and an educator, you are teaching us how to be educators and not just teachers.
Will - The availability of the professor is something I had not experienced in the past, it has been refreshing to see a teacher actually cares
Kim - Learned a lot of little details and things that I can share with other teachers like the passing out papers thing

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  1. I found these affirmations very heartening. I hope that you will read this post as the year moves forward as a reminder of important thoughts about teaching and learning.