Monday, August 15, 2011

Lesson Plan - VCR: Vocalize, Comment, Repeat

Dear PLN,
The following link is to my social-media-tech integrated lesson plan titled VCR: Vocalize, Comment, Repeat. It uses VoiceThread as a venue for allowing students to practice reading and speaking aloud in private before having to do so in front of the class, while helping them learn about the sounds of poetry. Please feel free to participate on the VoiceThread or leave a comment of any suggestions of comments!

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps the points could be eliminated? The "reward" might be in the form of a good reading or the creating of a youtube video featuring the best couple readings. It might also help to delineate what makes a good reading. I'd recommend showing the difference between a staged reading and a performance (i.e. Def Poetry Jam) of the poem.

    Lastly, while growth should be an objective, stating that it "must" occur doesn't honor the idea that some students will have trouble improving on something right away (within the framework of this lesson) and it might be good to set-up some discussion framework about what improvements can and or should be made. Maybe peer review or teacher feedback on the earlier slides? My experience is that students will rush ahead if there aren't checkpoints for feedback along the way.

    This looks like a great lesson, you're onto something here!