Friday, October 28, 2011

Lesson Plan Formats: UGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

After my university supervisor came and observed me I realized I had one major thing that I really needed to work on at this point.


I am an English Major. I am a Writer. I have to write everything out in a narrative and paragraph style. That does not work for other people. And that is not a clear way to concisely explain to others what I am intending to do in a lesson. I really wanted something to still write things out in a narrative, but it was suggested that I use a format that is more visual and has bullet points of important information. In classes I have been given chart type lesson plans and that is what my co-teacher uses, however that is a format that I look at and I get confused and frustrated with so I know that I am not a chart person.

So what do I do?! Duh. I went to my favorite trusty place - Google Document Template Database. I found a huge amount of different styles of lesson plan templates and a huge database of teacher designed materials that is easily searchable. I went through about thirty different ones, opened them all up in mini-windows on my desktop and eliminated them one by one. The one that I now use has bullets, distinct visual section breaks, and still allows for my narrative style to be used. Additionally, it has a specific section for teacher reflection which I really like because it ensures that I really think about how every lesson went and make notes for the next time that I use the material.

Aren't we fortunate to live in the digital age when we have these type of resources.

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