Sunday, October 2, 2011

That first breeze...

This past Thursday I left school at about 5:30. I had originally started heading out at about 4:25 as my after school group wound down and I walked the students out of the building. As I was signing out at the front office, I noticed that the Assistant Principal's office door was still open and I thought "Well, I may as well stick my head in and say hello."

This turned into a forty-five minute conversation with the Assistant Principal of my school. We discussed my action research project in detail, and my after school program that I want to really develop. Then we got into a long discussion where she shared advice and insight about many of the students that I work with and many gems of knowledge as I start my teaching career. We even got into a discussion about my experiences and beliefs and the things that I have done outside of my teaching work.

As I walked out of her office and out into the street with a chill breeze and the first notes of fall swaying in the trees, I was exhausted. But, I couldn't help letting a smile creep across my face. I realized how extraordinarily lucky I am that I have had the opportunity to start my teaching experience off at a place where not only did I just have a personal conversation with my Assistant Principal, but at a place where my Assistant Principal even knows my name. My first name, not just my teacher name.

This is invaluable. And again, I am blessed to have these experiences.

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  1. I heard about your were described as being very passionate! So glad you feel supported and have been given the go-ahead to move forward with your after-school program. I want to be sure you are capturing the baseline data so we can be sure you can show impact on student achievement by the beginning of January.