Saturday, October 1, 2011

Visual Self-Reflection on Recording of Warmup

Whole Group Instruction - WarmUp Context Clues

  • What did you notice about your voice?
    • My voice was clear but wavered when I realized I was unsure of an answer to a student question. At one point I tended to focus too closely on the question of one student leaving the other students unable to hear me and therefore not gaining from the instruction.
  • What did you notice about your interaction with the students?
    • I was able to interact with students from all different areas of the room from the front thus instructing the entire class. I made eye contact with the students while they were responding.
  • What did you notice about your movements?
    • I played with my necklace when I was waiting for students to respond to questions. I also tended to click the top of the marker on and off which could have been distracting for the students.
  • What did you notice about the students?
    • I noticed that the students in the back of the room have less input and their body language is much more relaxed than the students at the front of the room. I noticed that the students became slightly more animated in reaction to the change of me functioning as the teacher at the front of the room rather than the assistant. 
  • Other comments: My co-teacher pointed out that I request volunteers instead of demanding a volunteer to answer the questions. I need to take more direct ownership for the instruction and say things like "I need a volunteer." instead of "Can someone volunteer to help me out?

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